Social Media, Asset Based Approach

November 9, 2010

For every social media success story, there are three failures and a couple of attempts by advertisers that are downright embarrassing. A successful social media strategy can make your brands famous, creating a connection with consumers that is impossible to achieve with paid media. Improving broadband penetration, a rapid increase in data limits and the rapid growth of in-home wireless networks have given consumers a new voice and they want to use it. As advertisers, the decision is not whether to enter social media or not. Your customers have made that choice for you, with your potential customers hungry for reviews, recommendations and their advice. The decision is how to engage these networks of consumers in a way that is transparent, engaging and trusted.

At Switch Digital we have developed a proprietary framework we call the asset based approach to social media strategy development. We believe our approach is the best in the market and provides clarity and accountable results. Put simply, we believe that social media is made up of large communities of conversations. They exist on Facebook, blogs, review sites and forums. At the heart of these conversations is a smaller kernel of highly engaged authors. These authors appear across multiple sites and social networks and are credible sources for many consumers researching or comparing brands. While it is possible to find and “sponsor” these authors, we believe this breaks the golden rule that social media has to be transparent to succeed. Instead we target their conversations and the materials (assets) they require to tell the stories about your brands. This may be pictures, product information, maps, video or local search information. These are seeded as content through your digital presence (website, mobile application eNewsletters etc), social networks and through search. The objective is to enable the conversations you want told about your brands.

From this perspective social media is easier to manage and develop. Our approach respects your audience, and provides the basis of a content and contact strategy. The approach also lets advertisers move beyond a debate on whether Facebook is right for your brand, to develop a strategy that empowers consumers. It also places negative comments in context and gives you a right of reply.

The next stage in our approach involves eliciting the responses we want from consumers. Our approach is highly effective because it is not relying on a single network, for example Facebook, to become the only distribution point for offers. Switch Digital tracks offers and responses through multiple social communities for our clients using digital tracking technology.

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