For many agencies performance is a dirty word.  At Switch Digital everything we do is designed to drive consumer action and measure the impact of our clients’ spend.

Whether it’s a website build, an advertising campaign or a social media program the first step is to set performance goals with our clients.

There are several techniques available to reduce the risk of a digital campaign. Some parts of a media program can be purchased on a performance only basis. Payment can be on a cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL) or cost per sale or acquisition (CPA) basis. Switch Digital employ a number of techniques to maximise the value our clients receive from performance marketing. They include:

Performance Campaigns – we ask sites to share the risk through a performance component to a larger campaign spend.

Performance Networks – we use large international networks to run advertising on a performance only basis.

Affiliate Networks – we recruit sites to act as an ongoing sales or referral agent to our client’s website on a pay for performance.

Together these techniques are powerful drivers of consumer response. They also have their limitations and do not fit every client or campaign. We can help you understand if performance marketing is right for you and the way to achieve best results.

Switch Digital is expert in managing performance programs for online betting, hospitality, banking & finance, retail and software clients.