Digital Brand Management

Digital Brand Management

Digital trends come and go, however your relationship with your customers needs to last. The secret to great digital marketing is to know where your customers are online, where they meet to talk, and what they want from your brands. Consumers travel the web through content sites, social networks and search as a single experience. Marketers often make the mistake of breaking up their display advertising, search and social media programs. The result is often a community of confused consumers who lose interest in your brand.

At Switch Digital we start with a consumer profile to develop the digital footprint of your target audience. We then build a consistent advertising program that engages consumers and drives them to act. Our teams combine tried and true techniques such as Path to Purchase (P2P) planning with sophisticated targeting tools and the latest influencer marketing techniques. The result is a consistent brand promise that delivers on your objectives across media channels. Switch is one of a few agencies with the experience and skill to develop and manage integrated digital campaigns.

Digital Transformation

We all understand that digital marketing is becoming an essential part of business success. The difficulty is knowing where to start. What are the right investments needed for the best return?. How do we inspire and motivate staff within an organisation so a business transformation is possible?. What should the role of digital be within the organisation?.

Businesses that are digitally ahead are more profitable, more competitive and more valuable. Switch has partnered with organisations to develop a digital roadmap to transform business operations. The first step is educating staff, suppliers and shareholders on what is possible and how it can be achieved. The process can be enjoyable with no disruption to business performance. Many digital projects are break-even in the first year of operation.

Once the roadmap is agreed, Switch can become the facilitator of change, a co-ordinator of projects or simply a digital supplier. Contact Switch to see what’s possible.